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Skincare with purpose

At SMPL SKIN, we're not just another skincare brand; we're a movement driven by a purpose. Our mission is clear: to provide skincare with a purpose, a purpose that goes beyond mere skincare.

Skincare with Purpose?

It means that we didn't simply throw products into the market for the sake of it. Just because you read natural, vegan, organic or whatever you see a product labeled as doesn’t necessarily mean that is good or what you immediately need. This is why we started with a specific goal in mind for our launch range - to tackle the most critical concern that plagues 80% of men worldwide: hydration.

Let’s face it, you went through your golden years abusing the benefit of your young skin. But soon after you reach certain age, your body isn’t as generous as it used to and start noticing fine lines, dark circles, paper like feel of your face, etc. Well, the main concern here is lack of skin hydration.

Customer-Centric Approach

At the heart of SMPL SKIN is our commitment to our customers. We're not just selling products; we're addressing your needs and concerns. We are targeting one challenge at a time and we have you in mind. Our first product range was meticulously crafted to address the pressing issues that men face daily today.We believe that skincare should be more than a routine; it should be an essential part of your well-being.

Differentiation from the Rest

In a world filled with skincare brands touting similar taglines, we stand apart. Our focus on hydration and inflammation, key challenges we are taking care of on our first range sets us on a unique path. We don't chase trends; we chase solutions. We use natural and proven ingredients like German Chamomile and Cucumber Extract to deliver on our promise.

Research and Development

Our products aren't born overnight. They're the result of extensive research and development. We're proud to say that our formulations are designed with you in mind, bringing together the best nature has to offer to address your skincare concerns.

We believe in transparency – in our ingredient sourcing, product formulation, and our overall brand philosophy. We're here to be your trusted partner in skincare. #notwhitelabel

Our journey has just begun. While we're focused on hydration and inflammation now, our vision extends far beyond. We aspire to expand our product range while maintaining our unwavering commitment to addressing essential skincare needs. Watch out for new products releasing soon.

Fun fact: we went through 10 rounds of RND and almost 3 years of testing before selecting the final formula.

Community Engagement

Beyond skincare, we engage with communities, partner on initiatives, and embrace sustainability efforts that align with our core values. Because skincare isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good to the core. Look out for this space for our social responsibility program.

Join the Movement

Discover skincare with purpose. Explore our products and join the SMPL SKIN movement. Together, we're making skincare simple, effective, and meaningful.
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